Drive more sales for your apps using offer and promo codes.
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Works with macOS Catalina or later.

Quickly grow your app user base

Give out free copies of your apps using promo codes or discounts on your in-app subscriptions using offer codes. Max out your sales and downloads by...

  1. Levelling up your PR
  2. Getting more attention with Giveaways
  3. Rewarding loyal customers
  4. Obtaining new ambassadors
  5. Cross-promoting your apps

Our co-founder, Alex, wrote a super deep dive into how to drive more sales and visibility for your apps using offer codes. Learn more →


Join hundreds of apps using Tokens

You're in good company. Hundreds of developers have already leveled up their marketing, support, and PR with promo codes generated via Tokens.

Better than App Store Connect

ASC provides you with raw material. We've shaped Apple's promo and offer codes into a marketing powerhouse.

Generate offer codes for subscriptions
Generate promo codes for paid apps
Generate promo codes for in-app purchases and subscriptions
Generate any code generation instantly
Get a push notification when a code is redeemed
Convenient redemption pages for codes
Seamless support for multiple teams
Giveaways with a convenient link
Painfully slow experience

Works with macOS Catalina or later.

Read how Tokens has boosted app audiences

Check out our series of interviews with renowned iOS and Mac developers who share how Tokens became their marketing and customer support super weapon (of kindness).

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Secure and private

Your developer account credentials never hit our servers. Login is 100% iCloud Keychain. We take your security very seriously, so we created a Security Manifesto where we vow to guard your data in the best way possible.

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We offer a free trial that's not limited by time. Generate, share, and track 10 promo codes and 500 offer codes at no cost whatsoever. No credit card required.

Works with macOS Catalina or later.